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In april 1994, Philip Coates was working as a safari guide on the Lower Zambezi River in Centro Africa. He took groups of about ten people in canoes along the river on safaris so that they could match the wild animals. Their luggage was all taken by truck to the camps where they spent the night so that they could have plenty of room in the canoes.

Occasionally the safari stopped in safe places so that the tourists could swim and cool down. But they weren´t able to swim very often. In the Zambezi there are thousands of crocodiles- it´s stimated that there is one two-meter long crocodile - and there are hippos everywhere.

It was the middle of the last day of a safari and extremely hot. Everyone was holding onto each other´s canoes in order to make one big raft-five canoes wide and six meters long-for safety.
Suddenly, Philip´s canoe was lifted out of the water and he thought he´d hit a rock or an island. He turned around in order to see what had happened and then he realized his canoe was right on top of a hippo´s head! Philip could see one of the hippo eyes on the left of his canoe and one eye on the right!

He immediately told everyone to paddle to the bank, which was only ten meters away all managed to get to the bank except Phillip. The hippo tipped Philip´s canoe and Phillip wasn´t able to scape. He couldn´t do anything! He just fell into the hippos´s mouth! The hippo closed its jaws and took Philip down to the bottom of the river.
The animal thrashed about, shaking its head as if Philip was a light as a feather!

Answer the questions

1. - What was Philipp doing in April 1994?

He was working as a safari guide.

2. - Why did people go on canoe safaris?

Because they wanted to match the wild animals.

3. - Why was the people luggage taken by truck?

Because in the boats they haven’t enough space.

4. - Why did they stop in safe places?

Because there the tourists could have a swim.

5. - Why couldn’t they swim often?

Because the river was full with crocodiles and hippos.

6. - Why were they holding on to each other’s canoes?

Because they wanted to make one big raft-five canoes.

7. - How did Phillip realize that his canoe was right on top of a hippo’s head?

Because he saw one eye in one side and the other one at the other side.

8. - Did they all manage to get to the bank?

No, Phillip didn’t


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